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Time is Ticking……And Unconfirmed Rumours Regarding Mubarak’s Demise

April 25, 2007

Analysis by the US Department of Energy (DoE) – seen by Newsnight – shows that at $50 a barrel Venezuela – not Saudi Arabia – will have the biggest oil reserves in Opec.

The DoE report shows that at today’s prices Venezuela’s oil reserves are bigger than those of the entire Middle East – including Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states, Iran and Iraq.

The DoE estimates that the Venezuelan government controls 1.3 trillion barrels of oil – more than the entire declared oil reserves of the rest of the planet.”

I hope you’re enjoying that Sushi….

On, a different note, there is an unconfirmed rumour circulating around that I reservedly link to:

“Egypt: Is Mubarak dead? There is a rumor that Mubarak is dead. It is not confirmed yet, but there are multiple Egyptian sources that indicate the president since 1981 has died. At this stage, all the levers for lifting his son to power are not in place, and Jamal ‘s rise to power is not assured. As a prominent Egyptian thinker told me in fall, if the transfer of power is not completed by the the president dies, then it is wide open game.”

Now I’m not a person who is into or likes spreading unconfirmed rumours, but if true this is humungous.

Check out Angry Arab for a discussion on the authenticity of this as well.

Update: So far it looks like a false alarm. Apparently he was seen in the Ahli-Barcelona game. With hindsight I should’ve stuck to my better judgement and kept to not perpetuating rumours. My apologies.


Time is Ticking……

April 19, 2007

Time is ticking…..

Are you still sleeping……..?