The next 2 and half-3 months are going to be the most crucial in my life so far. I’m going to have to load up on m3assel and go undergound for a long time. Hence I can’t promise that I will post much. I will try to whenever I can but I doubt it won’t be much. I’ll be back though. Wish me luck, thanks for all your comments, input and take care!

A video that cracked me up to no end:

And a couple of songs that I’m currently addicted to:


7 Responses to “Undergound”

  1. bint battuta Says:

    Good luck. Looking forward to your return…

  2. BuZain Says:

    come back soon and stop laughing at the Reds 🙂

  3. BB Says:

    “shkhashsiiishik ishkskahsh”…- good luck in scouser language

    It should be Abdullah’s trial today…. really hope he gets released

  4. Mariam Says:

    Good luck on whatever your doing! Come back soon!

  5. Reeshiez a.k.a. Mariam Says:

    Hey Nido,
    I know your not blogging at the moment but I was thinking of one of your old posts about how our generation is not active. While the post is true in many aspects I think we should all be a little more optimistic. When I read your blog and the blogs of other Bahrainis I see a lot of activism there. I see a lot of Bahrainis taking risks and blogging openly about problems in our society. I’m glad that a lot of Bahrainis aren’t afraid to speak their minds anymore and aren’t afraid to criticize. So to all of you bloggers out there reading this – thank you and keep it up!

  6. nido Says:

    Thanks Mariam. I agree there are quite a few bloggers out there writing some amazing stuff, but the numbers can be counted on one’s fingers and the majority of them are anonmous blogs. My point was that most of the nidoers are unfortunately not active and don’t even care that much about politics. There are exceptions obviously but I think this holds for the majority. However, kudos to those who are the exception, as it is hard to go against the tide when everyone else is not bothered that much!

  7. BB Says:

    more ridiculous post-match commentary to keep u entertained..

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