Abdulla Mohsen Coverage

The situation of Abdulla Mohsen and the other prisoners has been covered by Chanad, Ebtihal and Amira Al Hussaini on the site Global Voices Online which also translated into several other languages. France 24 also had a news segment on it which you can watch on youtube (thanks for the info Anon):

Obviously there are many people out there who care about Abdulla’s and the other prisoners’ situation. Keep it up guys, and if there is anyone else who can help I urge to put the word out about their situation.


2 Responses to “Abdulla Mohsen Coverage”

  1. BB Says:

    Good coverage, still more needs to be done. It’s a shame that other bloggers out there are not taken this cause to the foray. And quite frankly i’m astonished by Bahraini bloggers who are going out of their way to distance themselves from the issue – reaching such lows as to even question the ‘blogging’ credentials of Abdullah. His blog was anonymous for god’s sake, it doesn’t mean that he was arrested for blogging – but this does not make him any less of a blogger or a former-blogger or whatever you want to call him. In fact, it is irrelevant – if you are not going to rally to the cause, at least don’t try to harm it!
    Really, it is the indifference, inaction and silence that does more harm than good ” the only thing necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing”…. more and more of us are just doing nothing….

    PS yes i need to do more too….

  2. nido Says:

    we all need to do more.. for sure…

    I’m not aware of who you’re talking about but it definitely is wrong if someone does what you’ve mentioned. Yes Abdulla was a blogger but he’s also an “active” activist, doing much more than most of us bloggers can ever dream of doing. He’s actually out there trying to do work rather than just talk about it, and he deserves all the support he can get because of that. He’s already paid with his health and freedom. I don’t see many bloggers making that sacrifice in Bahrain. Maybe he wasn’t arrested for blogging and maybe it’s more likely that he was arrested for his activist work, but specifically for that he deserves all the support and publicity he can get (especially considering that this was all hidden under a ridiculous and disgusting fabricated charge of stealing a gun and burning a jeep). And if anyone tries to put that down then they really should reconsider that ill-thought position.

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