So a friend of mine decides to get married. So another friend, fascinated by the whole process and expecting to eventually go through it as well ventures to ask him: If you don’t already have someone, how does the process work in Bahrain? how do you go about finding the right person? How do you meet them to begin with? Sounds like a serious headache and a complete mystery!

So the first friend replies back, “Man you are making too much of a meal out of it! Actually in bahrain it’s not that hard at all! It’s much harder if you’re a girl. The odds in terms of finding someone for marriage are heavily skewed towards men in Bahrain. You won’t believe how many twenty and thirty year old women there are whose main goal is to get married as soon as possible. It’s a simple matter of supply and demand. The demand is high for eligible men and the supply is high of eligible women. There is a shortage of decent bachelors and an oversupply of wannabe fiances. You’re a decent looking nidoer with a decent job who’s not too boring. Trust me man you’ll have no problem. If worse comes to worst ask your mom. She’ll put something together in no time.”

Now this sounded extremely far fetched to me. The number of Bahraini guys and girls are pretty much equal, so it doesn’t make sense for this to happen. However immediately all the rest of the group rushed to reaffirm to me that although he was exaggerating he was right and I was wrong.

Me: Alright, well if this is true why is that?

Friend A: Nowadays everything happens at a later age. You have to go university, get a decent job, and then gather enough money to get married. Same for girls. They go to uni, get a couple of years of experience and before you know it they’re 25 or older. It’s pretty much impossible to get married before that.

Me: So? How does that make it much harder for women than guys?

Friend B: Well first you have nature. Women feel the biological clock ticking by the time they’re in their late twenties/ early thirties. And then there is social and family pressure. Everyone is expecting them to get married or they keep getting looks and questions. The time window is small and the pressure is huge. Not so for guys.

Friend C: No man, it’s because more and more guys are getting married to foreigners.

The Cynic: Who can blame them? Bahraini women demand too much and nag too much. Multi-thousand dinar weddings, brand spanking new car, honeymoon in the Bahamas. And then you have to deal with her long tongue and her mother’s and Dad as well. And she can’t even cook or clean or help in anyway. All they do is sit around nagging and putting on weight. I swear I don’t know a single nidoer at our age who can cook a machboos. Better get a foreigner. Less expenses, less maintenance, less headache.

Friend D: It’s because meeting possible partners is done in an outdated way. You can’t meet or get to know someone properly before marriage. There is no clear and practical way of doing this. And it’s such a big once in a life time decision with so much risk involved in the choice. Just look at the divorce rate.

The Cynic: You’re all off target. It’s because of this silly idea girls create in their head of meeting the perfect guy who’ll sweep them of their feet to live happily ever after in Neverland. They’re yet to realize that he doesn’t exist. This coupled with this crazy idea of being a virgin until marriage. This makes for a lethal cocktail. Sexual frustration combined with impossible dreams. Too much pressure in the end. I suggest they bring their dreams back to reality and get laid. Will solve a few mental cases and relieve us of this societal marriage hysteria.The ministry of health should organize an annual “get real and get laid” day. It will really benefit the country.

The rest: Man just shut up.

Now it goes without saying that all of the friends were guys, so please excuse the chauvinism as well as the fact that we really don’t know what we are talking about. I was wondering what do you think? Do you think this phenomenon exists? And if so why?

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  1. Mariam Says:

    lol Nido.. I’ll tell you the problem that my friends and cousins who are still not yet married are having. They are liberal, smart and open minded. Yet at the same time, they still have values. They want a guy who isn’t materialistic. A guy who has a job and worked hard to get it – i.e. with minimum was6a. A guy who cares about what’s going on in the world. A guy who cares about his family.. But most importantly, they want a guy who doesn’t believe in a double standard where guys are held to one standard, and girls to another. They don’t want a guy who drinks because they don’t drink (or for some of them, they don’t want a guy who gets drunk, because drinking is so common among nidoers that there’s no point limiting your option, so they say). They don’t want a guy who sleeps around because they don’t do that. They want a guy thats religious (ya3ruf rabba ow deaneh) but not conservative.. A guy who prays and fasts but doesn’t force them to wear hijab or doesn’t force them to do anything for that matter. For my irreligious friends, they’re looking for a guy who has moral values. All are looking for guys who respect women and hold them in high esteem. Now, Nido, do you know any good guys for my friends? Because honestly, I only know two! Unfortunately those two are much younger than my friends and cousins who are ready to get married.. So basically the problem isn’t just with the girls, its with the guys too. Some girls have too many expectations and are materialistic. But the girls I’m friends with are not.
    The problem is that we live in a society with a double standard. Not only are guys held under a looser moral standard than girls, but parents give their sons more freedom than their daughters and are more willing to let them study abroad. The result is that guys and girls have different expectations from each other and thats what leads to the problems that we have.

  2. BB Says:

    There is definitely a perceived crisis and although at the heart of it is supply and demand, I think the main problem is ‘market inefficiency’ because as you rightly pointed out, the ratio of men to women is equal. Main reasons:

    1. Educational mismatch. Girls are getting better educated, going to better schools, getting better qualifications and just doing better at college. Whilst the nido boys are ‘lagging’ in the academic field to put it mildly, if they don’t drop-out, then they try to scrape through college with a bare minimum . So there is no lack of supply of men, there is just a lack of supply of GOOD men.

    2. Market clearing: Different expectations. As mariam pointed out. Girls are knowing more and more what they want, whilst guys arn’t too fussy (as long as she cooks a good machbous, anything with breasts will do!). But even then, the market still should clear eventually and promiscuous marriages assist in clearing the market (however that is becoming more and more unacceptable so this could also be exacerbating the problem).

    3. Market signalling. A girl is supposed to sit at home waiting for suitors (in economic jargon she is a price-taker) as the men- and society in general -decide who is hot and who is not. Very quickly a girl gets a reputation and it is difficult to reverse. People are getting to know each other in non-traditional ways ie through college and work but even then it is just a matter of luck as to who you come across. Most likely the guy was ‘living his life’ during college, dating and partying whilst the poor girls had their heads down in the books!

    4. As girls of 25 are coming of age – ready for ‘plucking’, all of a sudden it’s the in-thing for guys to marry 18 year olds. The reverse situation where 25 year old women marry 18 year old men isn’t socially acceptable.

    5. Divorce rates are up and second-time marriages are more common, so there is still hope for the 25 year olds as the 30 year olds are now back onto the market!

    6. Generational change. The 18 year olds as I see it, have definitely changed the rules of the game (take a look at facebook) the girls are ‘out there’ the market place is more transparent, their parents are younger and hence more ‘liberal’, they’re dating each other and all the past hang-ups to them are of another era.

    When I got married to a foreign man I was prepared for the social backlash, but i wasn’t going to hang around for Mr Perfect Bahraini to come along 😉 Show me one, and i’ll show you a non-materialistic machbous cooking modern woman!

  3. Mariam Says:

    BB you said it perfectly! Excellent analysis 🙂 I am engaged to a non-bahraini as well. I found the right guy and got engaged. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t have married a Bahraini. Its just that I was studying abroad so I didn’t get the chance to meet one. There is a lack of good guys everywhere, so when you find a good one then thats it, you better go for him before its too late! I faced some social backlash of course. But at least I got myself a good guy who respects me for who I am.

  4. ammaro Says:

    excellent stuff 🙂 the truth is that, by the time they reach their mid twenties, girls HAVE to get married… because of social pressue, biological clocks, etc etc… ok sure, this isnt every single one of them but it seems to be the majority…

    guys on the other hand are stuck with inflation, low salaries, and overpriced marriages (mix of wedding, car, house, mahar etc), and they decide the best way to overcome it is forget getting married, and spend whatever they’ve saved up on a nice long holiday in thailand.

  5. nido Says:

    BB and Mariam: It sounds like both of you agree with the cynic! i.e. girls have too high expectations that the guys just can’t fulfil!

    Mariam: It sounds like you want me to open a kha6aba service! What do you think? One geared towards the modern nido society but that is not as cheesy as a dating service? Maybe it holds “events” in cafe elBare7 for prospectives to meet up. Or maybe it just designates a pre-existing event as a “meeting and mingling point” for all those interested, so that anyone interested can go there. Hmmm… I think this has potential. The “market” is definitely there from the sounds of it.

    BB: About perfect guys, you obviously haven’t met me yet 😛

    And please, no economic lingo. Let’s not turn even marriage into a fetishized commodity!

    But come on, there is a difference between asking for a perfect guy vs. looking for a girl who can cook a machboos no? I mean seriously is a machboos that much of an impossibility nowadays? The horror! I really can’t see myself surviving on takeaways and outside orders forever! I guess I have to stick to me cooking then.

    It seems both of you though put most of the blame squarely on guys. Hmm.. I wonder what other guys have to say about that?


    Thanks man! But from your experience (aside from the money issue, let’s assume we’re talking about nidoers) does it seem easier for guys to get married when they want rather than girls?

    On a more serious note, I can’t really argue with any of you. I don’t know much about this subject. We’ve heard from three married people. Are there any non-married people out there who care to share?

  6. BB Says:

    Now I know you love to be controversial in this blog… so I don’t really take your views too seriously and I will now also in my typical manner get my knickers in a twist.

    So much for apologising for your ‘friends’ chauvenism… i’m not sure on what basis your apology should be accepted – you frame it as if your are excused for these views just because you are silly little boys having a little banter in good jist.

    You unsurprisingly reduce a woman’s role in marriage to ‘cooking’… and possibly include other ‘functions’…. I just thought i’d let you know that you can pay for both these days without the hassle of marriage !

    They do takeaway machbous in Bahrain now, and exhbition road has hourly room rates if you don’t want to bring her back to your parents house! It is certainly much cheaper than paying up front for a lifetime of both of these commodities by marrying a nido girl!

    But to be honest the more people who air their mysogyny the better…. us women have a lot to gain in sex discirimination tribunals these days. (Not in Bahrain obviously – but hopefully one day we can sue you for these comments and then we will be the ones laughing!)

  7. nido Says:

    Lawsuits! wow! What will I be accused of? Love of food?

    now I know I should shut up here because anything I say will get me into trouble, but apparently I thrive on controversy so sod it. It’s a digression of the topic and getting personal but hopefully it doesn’t hurt to do it every once in a while. I’m all up for good banter with the right people;)

    About the cooking, well food is very important to me, what can I tell you. Now obviously I wouldn’t judge someone solely based on their culinary skills, there are other important issues. I wouldn’t decide to be with someone or not based on food. Well actually that’s not completely true. It would be a hard choice. I love food. It’s not a reflection on the person or on mysogyny it’s a reflection on me. There are very few things that I enjoy more than food, and I have absolutely no reason to be ashamed of that. See it as one of the spoilt products of my upbringing. If someone is not particularly bothered about food they’ll have a very hard time coping with me. My belly has a lot of sway over me. Some people enjoy expensive cars, I enjoy cooking and food. So no living on Al Arkam or Walaem el Bahrain takeaways for me thank you very much! And you can sue me for that!

    As for the insinuation about my ‘friends’, well I wouldn’t make them up just to put my own viewpoint across. I think I’ve made it pretty clear in this blog I have no problem declaring my own views. Now obviously this being an anonymous blog I might borrow or make up “friends” or ” personal events” to hide or blur my identity, but I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that since you have your own anonymous blog which might make you make up certain things or events. On the flipside, I don’t need to worry about hiding or tempering my own views since this is an anonymous blog. After all, where’s all the fun in that!

    As for the comment on rooms in Exhibition road, well I’m not sure what its point is or why you brought it up, so I’ll leave that one to you!

    I hope that helped untie the knicker twists!

  8. Mariam Says:

    Hmm.. I don’t agree with the cynic exactly. I don’t think the girls I was talking about have expectations that are too high. They’re just looking for a good guy! Is that really too much to ask?? lol..
    Ammaro.. Ok Ok.. I agree with you. Families have expectations that are a bit too high. But come on.. the majority of nidoers have their parents pay for the wedding so that expense really doesn’t exist! But yeah.. there are high expectations on both sides and thats a huge problem.
    The real problem is that girls and guys are not getting to know each other well enough beyond the superficial stuff. The focus is on looks, money and family name. Noone sits and talks about future goals, world views, how they expect their kids to be raised, religious beliefs.. the list goes on.
    As for a kha6aba service, I think it would be very successful, lol.. There has to be some cover up though.. Pretend its for something else.. young bahraini professionals meet-up or something like that!
    Nido I love food too! You should visit my blog I’m trying to get it on the Bahrain blogroll but I have no idea how!

  9. B Says:

    أعذرني على كتابة التعليق باللغة العربية هذه المرة .. أعتقد بأني سأكون قادرة على أيصال الفكرة بشكل أفضل

    بالامس أرسل لي أحد الزملاء رسالة الكترونية لزواج غير متكافئ لا في الشكل ولا المضمون فقلت له بأنه زواج غبي فرّد مستشهدا بالمثل الشهير ظل راجل ولا ظل حيطة فرددت برسالة الكترونية أخرى بأني لا زلت متمسكة بحيطتي ويبدو أنني يوما بعد يوم صرت أعشق هذه الحيطة وارفض التنازل عنها

    بالنسبة لي سأستشهد بتساؤل طرحته كاري برادشو في مسلسل سكس اند ذي سيتي وهو لماذا هنالك الكثير من النساء العازبات الرائعات ممن بلغن سن الثلاثين أو تخطينه في حين لا يوجد رجل رائع بالمقابل. وبغض النظر عن الفوارق الكبيرة بين المجتمعين العربي والامريكي الا ان هناك الكثير من الصور المتقاربة، لا أدعي بأني واحدة من هؤلاء النساء ولكني آمنت بصحة النظرية لأن أكثر الفتيات ذكاء وتعليم بين صديقاتي وافراد عائلتي لم يتزوجن بعد، وعلى فكرة لا ينقص هؤلاء الفتيات الجمال ولا التعليم ولا حتى اسماء العائلة الرنانة التي يجري خلفها معظم الشباب هذه الايام

    وعلى عكس المعتقد السائد بان الفتيات حينما يبلغن سن معينة يتنازلن عن الكثير من الاساسيات التي يجب توافرها في زوج المستقبل فان ما يحدث هو العكس، فأسلوب التفكير في مقتبل العشرين يختلف كثيرا عنه في الثلاثين بعد ان يكون الشخص قد رأى وتعلم الكثير من تجارب غيره .. الخوف من الوقوع في تجربة زوجية فاشلة بسبب سوء الاختيار تؤرق معظم العازبين في هذا السن، لذلك يقول البعض ان الزواج المبكر أفضل فالتعقيدات أقل والخيارات أكثر ولست أدري ان كان بإمكاننا ان نسمي الجهل وقلة الخبرة بطبيعة الرجل والمرأة والحياة الزوجية نعمة أم نقمة

    لماذا تظل هؤلاء الفتيات عازبات حتى سن متأخر؟ أعتقد ان للموضوع علاقة بعدة عوامل أحدها الضغوط العائلية والمجتمعية التي أشرت اليها بالاضافة الى عامل الثقة بالنفس. بعض الاسر وأسرتي واحدة منهن لم تمارس على هذا النوع من الضغوط لذلك لم يكن هناك من سبب يضطرني الى ألقاء نفسي أمام أول عرض للزواج لمجرد تحقيق الفكرة وانجاب الاطفال

    أتفق كثيرا مع ما جاء في التعليق رقم واحد بان الكثير من الفتيات يتطلعن للزواج ممن يمتلك ميزتين تعتبر الاهم بالنسبة لمعظم الفتيات الذكاء العملي والاجتماعي وقدر معقول من التدين الذي لا يصل الى درجة التعصب الاحمق وللامانة سأقول بأنه يندر جدا ان تتوفر هاتين الصفتين في شخص واحد خصوصا بين ابناء جيل النيدو. فهذا الجيل متأثر جدا بالنيو ليبرالية ومعظمهم خصوصا المنتمين منهم للطبقة البرجوازية لديهم أفكار وتوجهات غريبة فهم علمانيون متطرفون جدا وبعضهم أقرب للالحاد من العلمنة وبرصد سريع للمدونات البحرينية ستجد ان هناك جيل جديد لم يكن له وجود قبل عشر سنوات وهو خليط من أطياف ومعتقدات مختلفة ضائعة بين جذورها المتدينة الى أحد الاصولية أحيانا وبين نزعتها للتحرر والانطلاق نحو حياة لا تحدوها اي ضوابط أو قيود. على الجانب الآخر هناك المدعّون ذوي المعايير المزدوجة وأغلب هؤلاء هم ابناء عائلات الذوات ذات الاصول القبلية الذين حتى وان بدوا متفتحين من الخارج فأنهم حينما يتعلق الامر بالاعراف والتقاليد السائدة وان كانت خرقاء وبالية يؤمنون بمنطق ابائهم واجدادهم، منطق الريال شايل عيبه وبالتالي يحق لهم ما لا يحق للنساء

    لكن كل ما سبق لا يعفي الفتيات أصحاب هذه المتطلبات وانا منهن من الازدواجية ايضا. الاوردر صعب شوى ومو بسهولة يتحصل 🙂 .. نصف تدين على نصف انفتاح على زوج مهذب يجيد التعامل مع المرأة ويسمح لها بما لا يسمح به غيره .. يعني ببساطة زوج نصف شرقي ونصف غربي .. عن نفسي أعترف ان الخلطة المطلوبة تنم عن شوية أنانية وازدواجة في التفكير

    ولا يتوقف الامر عند هذا الحد .. الصورة المرسومة في اذهان معظم الفتيات هو الزوج الذي يماثل صورة الاب من ناحية شهامة رجال الزمن الماضي .. الرجل المسئول الذي يقوم برعاية وتلبية أحتياجات اسرته وبين الرجل العصري في تربيته وتفكيره واعتقد بأن هذه هي الصورة المرسومة في اذهان الشباب كذلك وكلامك عن أهمية الطبخ وعدم المام بنات الحين بأمور البيت والطبخ أفضل مثال على ذلك

    لكن ما يحيرني فعلا وهذا سؤال اتمنى ان تجاوب عليه انت .. كيف يمكن لشاب يتمتع بالنضج ولديه هذه الدائرة الكبيرة من العلاقات الاجتماعية في العمل والصداقات على الانترنت والفيس بوك و .. و .. ثم يأتي نهاية اليوم ليطلب من والدته ان تبحث له عن بنت الحلال؟؟ هل ستستطيع هي ان تجد له ما عجز هو عن ايجاده؟؟ الا تعتقد انه مثال آخر على الازدواجية؟

    أتفق مع معظم ما قاله اصدقاءك في النصف الاول من البوست فما أشهده حاليا هو سوق يكثر فيه عرض النساء المستعدات للزواج بأى ثمن ومن أي شخص .. الرجل عندنا محظوظ جدا فهو لن يتأزم أو يجد مشكلة في ايجاد العروض المغرية حتى وان تعدى الستين .. السنا مجتمعا ذكوريا على اية حال؟

    وبس شكلي طولت في الرد وتعبت يدي من الكتابة 🙂

  10. nido Says:


    My hunch is probably you are right. Each side have too high expectations of the other and that they are not getting to know each other. However, that still doesn’t explain why it is that women find a much harder time than men finding someone.

    Great site! I suggest you contact the owner of to add it there. You cannot add it on your own. I look forward to reading more recipes.

    اهلا B:

    اتفق معك في بعض النقاط و لكني اختلف في اخرى, و طبعا ساركز على ما لا اتفق معه!

    اغلب التعليقات هنا تركز على ان رجال (او اولاد) النيدو ماديون, نيوليبراليون, سكيرة, غير متعلمين, غير متدينين و لا يعتمد عليهم. بينما بقدرة قادر اغلب نساء و صبايا النيدو متعلمات, متدينات عقلانيات منفتحات و غير متعصبات. اظن ان هذه النظرة مغايرة للواقع. الحقيقة (المرة) هي ان أغلبية عيال النيدو, ذكورا كانوا ام اناثا, ماديون يمينيون نيوليبراليون ذوو نظرة دونية لغير طبقتهم و لا يعيرون لا للدين و لا للتقاليد اهتماما. نعم ربما النساء على قدر اكبر من التحصيل الدراسي (لكن لنتذكر ان طبقة النيدو هي اكثرها تعليما من الجنسين) ولكن هذا ليس بالضرورة يعكس افكارا تقدمية و تنويرية. فياما من حصدوا الشهادات في البزنس و المنجمنت و لكن تفكيرهم لا زال قابعا في القرون الوسطى.

    لكني اتفق معك ان ربما اعضاء الجنسين معا لديهم توهمات وتطلعات عن الجنس الأخر تعكس ما يفتقدونه و يحنون اليه. الاثنان ربما يتوقان الى ما يجدانه في آبائهم و اجدادهم ولا يتواجد فيهما. اذا اردنا ان نحرف فرويد قليلا يمكن ان نقول ان البنت تريد رجلا كوالدها و الولد يريد امرأة كامه. البنت تبحث عن رجلا شهما يحبها بنى نفسة بنقسه اكثر تعليما و تعلما منها او نفس المستوى ذو فكر تنويري يمكن ان يعتمد عليه في السراء و الضراء. بينما الرجل يتطلع الى بنت جميلة عفيقة ملتزمة دينيا ولكن متعلمة و منفتحة تطبخ نفس امه و لم تعشق او تقابل رجلا غيره. الكل يغرد لليلاه بينما الحقيقة تشير ان اغلب عيال النيدو ليسوا هذا و لا ذاك.

    ااظن ان اغلب التعليقات تتكلم عن افكار الاقلية في جيل النيدو. تلك الاقلية التي تحس بالضياع و عدم الانسجام مع بقية طبقتها فتجد ملاقاة الجنس الآخر ذوي نفس التفكير صعبا, وهذا ينطبق على الرجال و النساء معا. سأعطيك مثالا. لدي صديق (و ربما هو من نسج خيالي!) درس بالخارج. عندما عاد ما انفك يتحلطم و يتذكر الاياام الخوالي مع حبيبته و هما يطبخان معا و يتبادلان الحديث عن فوكو و جبرا ابراهيم جبرا في اوساط العناق الحميم. حتى اصبحت مقولته المفضلة التي يرددها دائما “هاي الديرة ما فيها الا القحط!”ز

    كل هذا لا يفسر ظاهرة العوانس و سبب تواجد الظاهرة بين نساء النيدو على عكس الرجال. فمثلما لمحتي في النهاية ان كن النساء مستعدات للزواج بأي ثمن و باي شخص فهذا يتعارض مع مقولة ان النساء لديهن تطلعات عالية تمنعم بالزواج مع كل من حب و دب, فاي من هاتين هي الاصوب؟ ام الاثنتان معا؟. طبعا الظاهرة متواجدة في بقية المجتمع البحريني و العربي و لكن ربما في بقية الحالات الوضع المادي و ربما الديني يلعب دورا بارزا على عكس المجتمع النيدوي.

    شكرا على التواصل و ان شاء الله ارتاحت يدك!

  11. B Says:

    كنت اقصد ان الغالبية من نساء النيدو مستعدة للزواج بأي وسيلة ولكن هذا بالطبع لا يمكن تعميمه فلكل قاعدة شواذ ولكن حتى نساء النيدو كما قلت لديهن اولويات والاولويات على فكرة مادية أولا وأخلاقية ثانيا وربما هذا ما يفسر ارتفاع نسبة الطلاق في البحرين، ثلاثين في المائة نسبة غير ضئيلة غير ذلك وهذا ما صدمني بالفعل احصائية اجرتها وزارة العمل على النساء اللاتي يعانين عنف الازواج ويشمل ذلك الاعتداء الجسدي بالضرب وغيره ثلاثين في المائة. اما من صرحن دون اللجوء للشكوى فتبلغ نسبتهن تسعين في المائة تقريبا يعني جيل النيدو جيل ارستقراطي وراقي في الظاهر فقط اما في الواقع فهو يمارس السلطة الذكورية في المجتمع العربي بعقلية اجداد اجداده

    المهم ما راح افلسف الموضوع وادخل بموضوع ثاني لكن الخلاصة انه فيه تناقضات وتناقضات كبيرة جدا مثل صاحبك الخيالي، هذا النوع يتوق الى زوجة بمواصفات اوروبية وقد يعيش الحياة بهذا النمط لو تزوج واحدة منهن ولكن اذا قرر الزواج من بيئته فالموضوع شئ آخر. لا أعتقد ان الدين له علاقة اطلاقا

  12. nido Says:

    معك حق…. نسبة الطلاق المرتفعة هذه هي اكيد جزء من المسألة و الظاهرة. و مثلما قلت الشيء الوحيد الاكيد هو تواجد تناقضات و تضادات عدة في جيل النيدو تجتمع مع بعض لتولد هذه الظاهرة.

  13. BB Says:

    Seriously, i just couldn’t resist:

    “The general idea is that a persistent gap in the male-to-female age at marriage combined with population growth and infant mortality declines drives a perpetual (and increasing) scarcity
    of grooms. More recently, a series of papers have adopted a dynamic marriage market accounting framework to assess the theoretical validity of a marriage squeeze”

    I think this “marriage squeeze” explanation is the answer to this problem in Bahrain surely….a quick “dynamic marriage market accounting framework” would be useful in this context. Lets move to anecdotes to hard empirical evidence shall we There seems to be a whole literature on this…… this is absolutely fetishly titillating…

    Oh and i’m just kidding, I came across this by accident. It is taking it too far even by my standards!

  14. nido Says:

    my god.. imperialist economics is invading everything.. it’s taking over every discipline… first IR.. then law.. and now marriage!


  15. Mariam Says:

    yaaaay! Paper was written by my university 😛

  16. منتدى Says:


    SHOWTIME- Foreign Languages[ ] [ ] 2009- – ,[ ] vb3. 8. X vb3. 7. X vb3. 6….

  17. fareed sharif Says:

    i am from pakistan live in bahrain . i want to marry an indonesian girl lives in bahrain . i want to know what paper work is involved to get maried. we both work for different companies.

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