A hero has fallen


One by one, heroes of a not so distant time when people were more more principled, more passionate and more optimistic fall.

George Habash; Medic, intellectual, visionary, PFLP founder, Arab Nationalist leader, a personal hero and one of the most remarkable people to ever set foot on this earth has died.

His body may have fallen, but his ideas, actions and dreams will continue to inspire us to the future he made us thirst for.

I can not express it better than Karma Nabulsi, so I simply link to her words.

Rest in peace George Habash and may some of us live up to our duty of making all of your dreams come true.


5 Responses to “A hero has fallen”

  1. Butterfly Says:

    I can’t believe my eyes, Nido is back!

    Ok I know that this is not related to the topic but this is my first comment 🙂

    Welcome back.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Nido!! Welcome back! Where the hell have you been?? You’ve been missed… Does this mean you’re back to posting regularly?

  3. nido Says:

    Hi Butterfly. Thanks for the comment and support! Hopefully there will be more posts to come.

    Thanks Anonymous. I’m hoping I will start posting again regularly but knowing myself I can’t really promise that!

  4. chanad Says:

    welcome back nido. i was planning on doing an al-7akeem obit as my comeback post, but never got around to it!

    but what a legacy he left behind. a friend of mine here in pakistan was telling me about how some of his older relatives travelled to beirut to train under habash and the pflp back in the day. gone are the days of internationalism it seems

  5. nido Says:

    Thank Chanad. Yeah those were the days. People in Yemen, South Africa, Nicaragua. He all worked with them! The days of Internationalism are definitely gone, as nowadays even the other Arab countries don’t help out Palestine, let alone countries farther ashore.

    Any plans to come back to blogging?

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