To Mirai or Not To Mirai?

A more laid back and not so intense post for a change. I hope you enjoy!

The head chef at Mirai has honoured me by commenting on this blog.

Why? Well in a previous post I mentioned the restaurant. Well, mentioned is a bit of an understatement. I absolutely panned the restaurant. I admit my words were too harsh, and that they were mainly intended as a rant, so I can understand why he is fuming when I’ve described his restaurant as a “dump”. However, I stand by my overall opinion: The food in the place is very mediocre, and that when one takes into account the sky-high prices it is just not worth it in terms of food. I also maintained that most of the people I know go there for the “atmosphere” and to see and be seen. The standard nido argument… etc .. etc…

Now although this was never the main point of the article and it definitely was not intended to be a flashpoint, in true nido style quite an interesting thread has developed in the comments section regarding this topic, with those for and against Mirai. So I wanted to put the question to the wider (nido) public: What do you think of Mirai? Is the food any good? Is it too expensive? Why do you go there? Is it to see and be seen? Is it for the food? How does it compare to other restaurants in Bahrain and world-wide? I and I hope the chef would be very interested in hearing your opinions.


18 Responses to “To Mirai or Not To Mirai?”

  1. LiB Team Says:

    A great blog there by the way, you have our full support as we also diss such nido-ers, we call them “glows” in our own standards and a post about that is in the making, just was waiting for a good time to post and we will feature you in that post. we will also feature a permanent link on our blogroll for you. We’re happy that finaly someone is writing about one of the things that piss us off in Bahrain.

    Glows and nido-ers are why our country is going downhill, add to that the TRUE lazy bums who are low-ranking people in the BDF and others working in ministries and government entities. And as you stressed, not all of each category are like that, but the general rule applies, doesn’t it?

    As for food, well IMHO, I think that Monsoon kicks the crap out of Mirai any day of the week, but Tikkat Abol kicks both in the nuts while having them suck their own ****. Add to that a ton of other local restaurants that are high in quality but don’t have the ambience these glows are looking for. Again, an official LiB food guide is in the making but this won’t be posted any time shortly as it is hard work and work in progress cuz we have to assess the food, the ambience, the pricing, the service etc..

    I know I talked a lot but we’re glad to have you in the Bahraini blogosphere, and a great addition if I may say so, keep it up and I hope you don’t have a hiatus like we currently do. God bless.

    –LiB Team

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Where is Tikkat Abol?

  3. Bahrania Says:

    This is hilarious. It’s a good sign that nidoers found their way here just to utter the very arguments that you critisize which kind of proves your points quite nicely.

    Anyway, back to Mirai which I don’t think you chose accidently, along with Lilou’s are the capital of the nido social universe. I’ll tell u what I think as a non-nidoer, that sits at the edge of the nido circle but never comfortably inside. I felt ‘inadequate’ sitting in Mirai at the invitation of a nido friend. I felt like a nido wannabe. Sitting next to the nice big glass windows with the great scenic view of a row of cars with four digit registration plates, watching owners strutting their well-endowed backsides along with a heap of bling as they make an entrance, I found to be a great exercise in pretention but having better things to do with my time and money I never went back. It was popular with young expats also. However, your question is not referring to the clientelle as much as it is referring to the food and service.

    The food was ok, nothing memorable and lacking a ‘wow’ factor. Maybe it is not supposed to be so. All I remember was that it was prawns, that my host was making a big deal and that I was thinking whats all the fuss about. Can’t judge value for money however because I did not pay, all at the expense of the nido-wallet. The nidoer has to big-up these places, “the best sushi in Bahrain, or the best ‘pastry cakes’ next door, and defend the symbols of what they perceive to be high taste for the high class. Therefore, the Mirai owner, who wants to tap into this niche market, has to maintain high prices, to price out non-nidoers, and squeeze profit out of the high-net worth. Nidoers can afford it, nidoers love it, Mirai runs all the way to the bank.

    The chef of Mirai shouldn’t take it personally. Japanese culinary haunts are pretentious everywhere, just look at the crowds that trip over themselves going to Nobu or wherever for a bit of cod marinated in a sauce for 4 days or whatever. Ya3ni I know japanese is a delicacy, and the difference in good sushi and bad sushi is the freshness of the fish. Otherwise you can’t really go wrong with a bit of raw fish, wasabi and seaweed.

  4. LuLu Says:

    LoL I luv ur style 🙂
    I’m a nidoer 4 sure and I say Yes to mirai@@ Shawarma or no shawarma later the place is one of my illogical addictions :p

  5. nido Says:

    Anonymous: Tikka Abul is in old Manama, around the American missionary hospital but I don’t know the exact spot. I’m sure others can point the way though! You should give it a try. It’s amazing! Better than the Applebee’s and chilli’s rubbish we’re more used to nowadays.

    Bahrania: I’m glad someone else caught the irony of all of this! Are you sure you’re not a nidoer or are you just in self denial 😉 I’m glad you didn’t pay at Mirai, or you would’ve been in serious risk of a heart attack. One other thing I remember is that I left the restaurant still hungry and had to buy a shawarma from suraj next door. Never a good sign.

    LiB Team: Thanks for the comments. I’ll make sure I check out your blog. Unfortunately this month is ridiculously busy, so the posts will be erratic. I hope the comments keep the conversation going though! There is a lot to be said and exchanged, and the more give their opinion the better.

  6. SoulSearch Says:

    I’m glad you spoke out against the ridiculous overpriced smelly food of places like Mirai and others. I feel totally ripped off everytime I go to restaurants such as these. I cook at home most of the time and I know how much a certain meal costs to prepare, and I can tell you for sure it is a total rip off. It is definitley a marketing scheme to attract nidoers!!! And the sad part is that they fall for it, everytime.

  7. Bahrania Says:

    Not a nidoer by name or by nature, went to state school, don’t have rich parents who could afford private school, but had a great childhood and good holidays, survived uni through bursaries, part-time jobs and good grades. Have few nido friends, mostly non-nido friends. Not in self-denial!

    What I understand you are trying to do with this blog is to awaken the nidoers to their responsibility through being aware and appreciative of their privaleged backgrounds. As a non-nidoer I also feel the responsibility to help non-nidoers overcome their under-privaleged backgrounds and make something of themselves. My friend from Sanabis recently got a scholarship from an american uni to study astrophysics after seriously struggling as a technician for two years at UoB while her meagre wages were going to support her family. At the end of the day you can’t choose the environment you are born into but you can only try to change it.

    There is another side to nidoism totally, lets call it minoism (to stick with the food theme), which is diametrically opposed culturally, economically, politically. But thats another thing all together.

  8. Gardens of Sand Says:

    Hello Nido Guy or Gal, Love your blog and your posts are hilarious and seem to hit quite a few nerves. Good for you! Ruffle as many feathers as you can. 🙂 Mmm I laughed out loud when I read your definition of Nido-ers. Boy do I know many people who fit your description. I feel I am not. At least I hope I am not.

    Like Bahrania, I always felt like a Nido-wannabe or a fake when in the company of Nido-ers. The pursuit of all that is trivial (fancy cars, designer clothes, shades and just about everything mummy and daddy can buy for the adult Nido-er, but the Nido-er can’t afford) is just my thing.

    However, I do share an embarrassing trait: I am one of these people that stutter and fluster when having to talk entirely in arabic. 😦 Not my fault, honest. Actually, I have been thinking about it the last year or so and I dunno whose fault it is.. Certainly not my parents who spoke to me in arabic, or my education (I was in both state and private schools) or college (did a 2 yr stint in UoB before going abroad). I am quite painful to watch actually and my dad often shakes his head and wonder where I picked up the trait of ta7reeg efyoozat.

    I have never been to Mirai, although I certainly have heard of it and heard the usual ” You’ve never been to Mirai?? How could you?” All I could think was, well, its not like Haj or something, I am not required to go. Now that I know the prices: I definately will not go. Every time I go to a fine dining restaurant I ruin my evening by thinking of all the things I could’ve bought with the money I put down my throat! lol Been to LeeLou’s once. Hated the service and the place. Too pretentious, the staff acted as if the customers be eternally grateful for being there. Love the cakes though.

    Anyways Nido, this turned out to be a pretty long and self-indulgent comment. hehhehe

    Salam, Gardens of Sand.

    PS: I heard so much of this tikka abul place, I gotta check it out. mmm tikkas yummy.

  9. dalal Says:

    I went to Mirai once, and I loved the food. However, the meal was way above our dining out budget. We plan to go back in a special occasion like our anniversary. Once a year it can’t devastate you financally. Maybe one day when I can afford the finer life, it might be an every weekend sorta deal. What can I say, their sushi is outstanding and I am a sucker for good sushi 🙂

  10. nido Says:

    Thanks Lulu. I still think you’re better off (financially and appetite-wise) going for that shawarma.


    Home cooked food is always the best! Although more and more people now don’t cook at home (part of the nido culture I guess), and so more and more people eat out. It makes you wonder about whether the quality of the most important things in life (and food is definitely in the top list!) is decreasing or increasing in this day and age.


    Nidoism is not all about money, but that’s defintely a big part. Good luck to your friend doing astrophysics, although I can’t see what she’ll do with the degree when back in Bahrain! Maybe ma3had al3uloom needs an update to that observatory they’ve got? hmmmm…

    Gardens of Sand:

    Thanks for the hilarious and very honest comment. Not many people would admit that they ey7argoon fusat!

    If you’re interested in strengthening your arabic I’d recommend two ways that worked wonders for me: 1. make a point of only speaking arabic to arabs 2. try writing, typing, blogging, whatever in arabic. These might be hard and a nuisance in the beginning but they will work wonders. The process that goes through the mind is pretty interesting in itself. For example, it’s pretty interesting in what language a mind thinks, especially if you speak two or more languages. Does one think in English or Arabic? What does that mean for the way you think? Do you think differently in one language or another? How is it that there are certain expressions you’d use in English (or Arabic) and not vice versa?

    Anyway, I think it’s really important that one learns and puts the effort into getting a good command of the Arabic language. I mean if our current generation of nidoers are like this, can you imagine how our kids will be? and their kids kids? At the rate we are going no one will speak arabic in fifty years!


    Fair enough:) Like I said I didn’t try their sushi. I just hope your other half likes it just as much as you do and doesn’t mind paying the hefty bill!

  11. Maryam Says:

    You’ve reminded me, i’m craving some Mirai sushi…mmmm.

    Nido, what’s your take on us half-halfs (half bahrainis)?

  12. Mariam Says:

    lol.. I love this blog! Finally a place where we self hating Nidoers (or non-nidoers on the edge of the nido world) can converse. I have to say, Mirai’s sushi is the best that I’ve tried – even here in America. But I do agree that the prices are ridiculously high (especially when compared to the level of income of Bahrainis in general) and the people who gothere are somewhat pretentious. What amuses me more though is not the people in Mirai but the guys outside driving around in their expensive cars (cuz they have nothing better to do!) trying to impress the ladies. lol.. Well maybe its just me, but I’m definately not impressed!

  13. Blewyn Says:

    Went to Mirai once…..and once only…….great ambience etc, but the food lets the side down very badly, and really has no place on the same street as Zoe’s, Leilou, Coco and Krumz

    Man I miss that street !

  14. nido Says:


    I really don’t have much to say on “halfs-halfs” since I’m not one. It would be really interesting to hear what “half-halfs'” take on themselves is! Any half-halfs out there who’d like to share?


    It looks like Mirai has a lot of sushi fans, so maybe I was hasty in my judgement!

    I think “trying to impress the ladies” goes both ways, as there are also ladies trying to impress or to be impressed by the guys. I guess we all want to feel impressive or to impress others! Oh well.


    It looks like you were a regular at that street! Many new places have mushroomed there, along the “oldies” as well. Which place was your favourite?

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  17. Abeer Ghafoor Says:

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  18. Amna Says:

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