Zionists in Qatar

Shame shame.


5 Responses to “Zionists in Qatar”

  1. Bahrania Says:

    How un-nido-esque…the classic nido attitude to Isreal is ‘why the f%&*don’t arabs just get over it and move on, do u know how much economic cost and business we’re losing over this whole conflict’

    Your nidoer, who worships all superior western creations, would greet an Israeli former president like this:

    Nidoism is a complete sell-out.

  2. nido Says:

    This is the one belief and issue that I unmistakably, fully, and completely believe in. If there has ever been in the latter half of the 20th century such a clear cut case of injustice and a cause to believe in, this is it.

  3. SoulSearch Says:

    Appreciate your post and support about Israeli injustice. Palestinians have suffered enough, after having been driven from their land some 60 years ago. I think its time we woke up.

  4. Sedition in Saar Says:

    that picture is utterly and totally shameful, we can only expect a place like southern bahrain (qatar) to host war criminals like that…does anyone know that woman?

    i had a friend who attended the debate, and on the phone actually said “i was going to take a picture with shimon perez, but there was not time…” i was shocked, he is now a flipping celebrity in the gulf, we have reached new lows my friends…

  5. nido Says:


    The palestinian catastrophe is indeed an Arab catastrophe, and no matter how much our leaders try to separate the issue it will come back to haunt us. I really hope an organized solidarity movement develops in Bahrain, as the place is in danger of sliding into severe apathy about the issue. It is up to us to raise awareness about this issue.

    This ties into Sedition’s and Bahrania’s previous comment. It is astounding the amount of nidoers who just want to forget the problem, who see Palestine as a nuisance that people should shut up about. Worse still, the israeli government is trying to penetrate the gulf, and our governments aren’t exactly showing much resistance. It is shameful, and we need to stand up against it.

    I really think that bloggers in Bahrain and the Arab world in general should dedicate a day where they post in support of Palestine. It would be a nice gesture, and it would show that we have not forgotten about our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

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