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To Mirai or Not To Mirai?

February 19, 2007

A more laid back and not so intense post for a change. I hope you enjoy!

The head chef at Mirai has honoured me by commenting on this blog.

Why? Well in a previous post I mentioned the restaurant. Well, mentioned is a bit of an understatement. I absolutely panned the restaurant. I admit my words were too harsh, and that they were mainly intended as a rant, so I can understand why he is fuming when I’ve described his restaurant as a “dump”. However, I stand by my overall opinion: The food in the place is very mediocre, and that when one takes into account the sky-high prices it is just not worth it in terms of food. I also maintained that most of the people I know go there for the “atmosphere” and to see and be seen. The standard nido argument… etc .. etc…

Now although this was never the main point of the article and it definitely was not intended to be a flashpoint, in true nido style quite an interesting thread has developed in the comments section regarding this topic, with those for and against Mirai. So I wanted to put the question to the wider (nido) public: What do you think of Mirai? Is the food any good? Is it too expensive? Why do you go there? Is it to see and be seen? Is it for the food? How does it compare to other restaurants in Bahrain and world-wide? I and I hope the chef would be very interested in hearing your opinions.



February 12, 2007

Dear All,

Thanks for all your comments and participation. I’m really surprised by the amount of feedback I got on this blog so my sincere appreciation to all of you and I hope we can keep it going. I unfortunately will have to take a break (a week or so) from blogging due to the immense amount of work load at the moment. I was awful at organizing my time schedule and I ended up with 10 massive things to finish in one week. Thanks to all who’ve commented and I hope to be back very soon!

Zionists in Qatar

February 7, 2007

Shame shame.